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NAO H25 Robot Education Pack (10 licenties)

NAO H25 Robot Education Pack (10 licenties)
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16 Nov. 2015

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The NAO H25 Humanoid Robot from Aldebaran Robotics is a companion, assistant and research platform.
If the full-size personal butler is still a vision of the future, ALDEBARAN s robots will already provide a perfect platform to deliver a range of daily services.
With 25 degrees of freedom, NAO is capable of executing a wide range of movements (walking, sitting, standing up, dancing, avoiding obstacles, kicking, seizing objects, etc.)

Equipped standard with an embedded computer and wifi connection, NAO is fully autonomous and can establish a secure connection to the Internet to download and broadcast content.
Fitted with two speakers and several microphones, NAO has a quality sound system to play music.
It is equipped with a voice recognition system that locates where the sound is coming from, so that he can turn his head towards the speaker or origin of the sound.
He has a text to speech function so he can interact with its environment verbally by pronouncing any text sent to him, messages, e-mail, books, newspapers, etc.

How can NAO help in the classroom? - The opportunities are endless! Graphical programming using algorithmic or Boolean programming Program NAO to interact with people and its environment Develop your own behaviours using text-based programming languages Mimic human behaviour Study how humans interact with robots Use NAO to increase interaction for students with SEN NAO is a great recruitment tool - use it at open evenings to interact with potential students and their parents

The NAO Humanoid robot from Aldebaran Robotics has a vision system allowing him to capture and send photos, video streams, recognize colored objects, detect and recognize faces and communicate with the PC or the web (downloading files, behaviors, sending images in real time, etc.).
NAO is fully autonomous; it can find his way around a room while avoiding obstacles.
It is also capable of going alone to its recharge base when its battery is low.

Nao is being introduced on the market as the ideal introduction to robots and aspires to eventually, become an autonomous family companion.
Finally, with more sophisticated functions, it will adopt a new role, assisting humans with daily tasks.
Featured with an intuitive, dedicated programming interface, "Choregraphe", the entire family will be able to enjoy the robotic experience.
Full of new and advanced technology, the NAO robot will also satisfy the most demanding techno-addict s expectations.

For entertainment purposes, Nao can interact with its owner, with evolving behaviors and functionalities.
Additionally, the user will be able to teach Nao new behaviors using a computer with Wi-Fi connectivity.
The behavior creating software is designed to fit any user s programming level: from graphical block editing for beginners to more skilled users.

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